Soundcloud Alternatives – Mixcloud

Mixcloud is by far one of the best places to host a mix in the world of takedowns and ambiguous copyright laws. Mixcloud’s music license allows for users to mix any artist and any song without the fear of infringing on copyrights. Now, that does come with some drawbacks such as users not being able to see the full tracklist or rewind a mix once it has started playing. None the less, with Mixcloud DJs can catalog their mixes and, with multiple ways to listen, Mixcloud can be reached by everyone who is listening to a DJ’s mixes.

Storage: DJs can upload as many mixes as they want to Mixcloud for free and mixes must be uploaded in MP3, AAC, M4A, MP4 or OGG formats. While the uploader doesn’t accept WAV or FLAC files DJTT does have an article that discusses how to maximize upload quality.


Community: Being a four year veteran on Mixcloud I can say that the community is mostly DJs with casual listeners thrown into the mix. I’ll find more DJs and radio personalities are listening to my shows which is great because that allows creators to share techniques and tracks. The average music listener I find just uses Mixcloud as a platform to listen to mixes with less interaction aside from that, but as more DJs use Mixcloud we may see that change.

Vibe: Mixcloud is it’s own unique platform for DJs, radio personalities, and podcasters. The site has a clean and easy to use interface for users and creators alike. While most DJs can get by with the free plan, some DJs may find that paying for a Pro membership is the better way to go because a Pro Mixcloud account gives DJs access to a ton of analytics, sheduled releases, customization tools, and visibility control. I see it as the DJ’s Soundcloud for mixes.

Crate Digging or Hosting: Personally, I use Mixcloud for hosting my mixes and radio shows. I rarely use the site to listen to other mixes however doing so can be beneficial. By listening to other mixes you can be inspired by another DJ’s technique or track selection. So, Mixcloud could be used for both but the icing is definitely the hosting capabilities.


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